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Friday, April 22, 2011

Carrington 25 Weeks and Easter Events!

Carrington is now 25 weeks old! A few fun things have happened in the last 2 weeks. The first is that her "goopy eye"- which is her clogged tear duct, has completely cleared up! It literally got better over night! The doctor assured us that she would grow out of it before she turned 1, but I did't know that it would clear so suddenly!

We've also been practicing with Carrington on sitting by herself. Her 6 month pictures are coming up, and I'de really like her to be sitting on her own like a big girl, if at all possible. We'll see! She is definitely close! She sits for a few moments at a time, but I still wouldn't leave her sitting by herself in the middle of a room and walk away :).

She's also added peas to her diet, so her food variety consists of banana, sweet potato, pear, and peas...mmmmm... We even gave her some water this week, since the weather has been a little warm, we thought it was good timing.

Our lives are about to change a little bit. Trey and Carrington have been going to Memorial Preschool, and I adore everything about the school, except the hours. I need to be working a little bit more (2 full days is ideal), and since the school's hours and closings are so limited, we've had to explore other options. After calling MANY daycares, and interviewing several nannies, we've decided to hire a Nanny in our home for 2 full days each week. The new Nanny is great, and she was my first choice on paper, and I loved her even more when I met her in person. Memorial Preschool has agreed to let Trey and Carrington continue to go on Wed, so that they get to see all their friends, and I can get a little bit of a break during the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will work out!

Fun events this past week included an Easter Egg hunt at the Landmans! We are a little sad since this will be the first year we haven't spent Easter Day with the Landman Family since we moved to Charlotte, but we are excited that they are getting to visit their new nephew/ cousin down in Charleston!

I took Trey and Carrington to see the Easter Bunny today all by myself. Doug wanted to come with us, but work ended up being crazy, and he couldn't leave as early as he wanted. It started off promising, with Trey watching the Easter Bunny from afar, waving and smiling at him, and talking about all the flowers. But, as all things with Trey do, the very second we started making our way towards the bunny to sit on his lap and get our picture, Trey freaked out and started screaming "No, No"!!!! So, being the good Mommy that I am, I joined the picture, just to keep Trey from freaking out and scaring all the other kiddos in line. Carrington, on the other hand, loved the Easter Bunny. That girl loves everything!

This weekend is full of birthday parties and Easter events with our friends, and we are super excited! This week will also be the first time with our new Nanny, so keep us in your thoughts and prayers! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Visiting our Cousins!

This past Wed, we decided to go down and visit Becky, Evan, and new cousin Drew!!! The morning started out OK- not great- but we've had worse. I forgot Evan's birthday gift and had to turn around, I forgot Carrington's bottle and also had to turn around. Trey threw a minor fit because we weren't taking Molly, and I ran over Trey's new ball in the driveway, but all in all, not too bad :). We finally get on the road and arrive only 25 minutes late. I'm still feeling pretty good! Trey has fallen asleep in the car, so I have to wake him up, which means he is not his most friendly self. It only takes about 10 minutes to fully warm up, so again, we're doing alright! Meanwhile- Carrington is happy as a clam playing on the floor and rolling around!

Trey and Evan start playing, sharing a little bit, sometimes "stealing" toys, but in the large scheme of things, these boys play very well together. Drew, on the other hand, has a plan of his own and wants to be FED. He is a growing boy after all! :) Trey and Evan take advantage of the lack of attention and get into the drawer of spoons, wine bottle openers and wine bottle stoppers. Don't worry, what can they really hurt, right? Well... a little bit of broken glass and a sharp corkscrew is no match for Evan! He's independent when Mommy isn't looking! It really wasn't bad at all, and the boys were having a blast. Still happily playing and rolling on the floor is Carrington. After a quick lunch and a little bit more playtime (in between Trey spilling his bowl of Chex Mix and partially eaten string cheese on the floor), we head home. Upon leaving, Evan decided that was a good time to start stripping and off went his pants! I'm pretty sure Becky was breathing a sigh of relief when we loaded up and pulled out of her driveway!

Needless to say, Becky and I did take a quick second to be nostalgic of the days when we "playdated" and "lunchdated" while the boys slept peacefully in their carseat carriers. :) Those days are LONG gone...

Some New Developments... the life of a 2 year old!

Just before we left for Virginia, the moment I have been dreading arrived! Trey decided to escape his crib! I know... it's probably time to convert to a toddler bed, but I really, really don't want to! Here is how the morning went for me:

Every morning before I get into the shower, I check the baby monitor to make sure both kids are sleeping- which they were. I then hopped into the shower, and about 5 minutes later I hear a huge THUD. I am now terrified, and feeling helpless since I am in the shower and if someone has broken into the home, I can't protect us! I'm sure you are thinking that I have quite the active imagination, but this is what was going through my head. Next thing I know, Trey comes crashing into my bathroom holding his pillow. I was speechless! And I was wondering- how did he get his pillow out? That night, I was hoping this was a fluke, and prayed it wouldn't happen again the next morning. Oh, how wrong I was! Sure enough, the next morning, Trey woke up and decided to get himself out (the difference was, this time, I was watching in the monitor!). The other difference was that this time, it didn't go quite the same way, and Trey hurt himself in the landing. Since that moment, Trey has not attempted another crib removal on his own. I'm sure it will come again soon, but for the time being, Trey is patiently waiting for me to come get him in the morning.

While in Virginia, Trey actually slept in a toddler bed that my parents bought him, and he loved it, but I'm still not willing to make the switch here at the house yet. One day...

Trey also has begun differentiating between "Yes" and "No"- finally! Now, when I ask him if he wants something he can actually say No or Ya (he apparently has shortened the word yes, to ya). I love it!

His vocabulary is increasing in leaps and bounds, and his favorite phrase is "Hold You?". I'm pretty sure he is not asking if he can hold ME! He got this phrase from Doug or myself asking him if he wants "Mama or Dada to hold you?". Now, if he wants to be held, he comes over sayig "Hold you". I love the way his brain processes everyhting!

A Visit to Virginia!

We went back to Virginia this past weekend for a fun-filled, action packed few days! We attended 30th Birthday parties, 1st Birthday parties, housewarmings, visited Nanijay at school and Carrington was dedicated! It was super busy, but a ton of fun.

We went and visited Nanijay in her classroom on Friday, and Trey had fun getting into everything- including all the students desks. Trey was allowed to be the "Line Leader" when it was time for the students to go to PE, which was very exciting for him! Carrington got to sit in a real chair and learn all about 1st grade.

We also went to Madelyn's 1st birthday party, where Trey and Rylee rode a 4-wheeler with Doug. As you can tell from the pictures, Doug has a "way" with kids. I'm pretty sure Trey and Rylee weren't impressed! :)

On Sunday, Carrington had her dedication, which my Papa was able to officiate. It was beautiful and Carrington looked gorgeous (she screamed through the whole thing, but promptly calmed down afterwards). It was also special, since this was the same weekend 2 years ago that Trey was dedicated. After church, we all went to lunch and then took some pictures. Unfortunately, Trey was exhausted and completely passed out, so he didn't make it into a single picture! I was disappointed, but Trey really needed his rest- trust me!

Trey and his cousin Rylee are so adorable together. They had just spent time with one another a few weeks ago, and when Rylee saw Trey this weekend, she came right up to him, put her hand on his back and said "Hi, Trey, missed you!". They love each other so much!

23 Weeks and Solid Foods!

At 23 weeks, we decided it was time for my baby to be a "big girl" and start solid foods. She is a total cutie pie, and although she didn't like the rice cereal (big suprise there- it looks and smells nasty), she LOVES bananas and sweet potato! Trey was never a great eater, but this little chick, on the other hand, can eat an entire jar of sweet potato in one sitting!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture Day at School!

Last week, Trey and Carrington's school very kindly sent out a reminder email that school pictures were to take place on Tuesday, since the weather for the rest of the week was looking pretty rainy. Or at least that's what I read.... so, on Tuesday morning, I dressed my kiddos up super cute and sent them off to school! I even gave permission for the school to attempt taking their picture together (if Trey was so inclined- although I'm not holding my breath on that one!). On a side note- I have been practicing with Trey in the fine art of holding his baby sister. I was running late that afternoon when I picked them up, so I didn't get a chance to ask how pictures went, but I assumed that all went smoothly and went on with the day! Sure enough, Wed. morning was cold and raining, and I woke up that morning and dressed Trey in Carrington in, what I consider to be, rainy day weather. Just to give you an idea of what this might be, I'll give you a quick mental picture: Trey was wearing blue camo pants and a long sleeve t-shirt that clearly states "LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS". Carrington had on navy blue leggings and a yellow and white striped hoody (although I did put a cute little yellow headband on her bald head). Both of these outfits are cute, but definitely not what I would dress them in for pictures. Luckily, in my mind, pictures had been taken the day before, right!?!?! That afternoon, since I wasn't rushing, I lingered and talked to their teachers. Miss Amy (Carrington's teacher), told me that everyone thought Carrington looked adorable in her yellow outfit and they even used a cute yellow blanket in her pictures- um... what? Needless to say, I'm pretty sure the school pictures will not be favorites of mine. I did snap a few pics of the kids the day before in the nicer clothes- and in my mind, I will take comfort in knowing that I at least attempted a cute picture day, even if I read the email wrong and got the days mixed up :(.