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Monday, May 6, 2013

Trey's First Self- Portrait

I know this is creepy, but this is the first time Trey has ever drawn a picture of a person, and he said it was of himself, so Doug and I were pretty impressed! He's only 4, and he did arms, legs, a body, face, and hair! That's pretty good! :)

The Life of Trey and Carrington- March and April

It's been a while since I've just caught up on the "happenings" of Trey and Carrington.  It's tough to even know where to start! Trey and Carrington both had speech screenings at school, and I have to admit that I was a little surprised when neither of them passed! I knew Carrington was delayed, but I guess I had seen such a huge improvement in Trey since his permanent tubes, it never occurred to me that there was any further issues.  Luckily, I immediately got in touch with Cabarrus County, and they have been wonderful.  Not even a week went by before they had appointments set up for both kids.  Carrington is under the age of 3, so her process was a little different.  We had a speech therapist come to the house to do an in-depth screening, which was far more thorough than I ever would have imagined.  The appointment took about 3 hours, and they way they "judge" a child is that the child needs to be 25% or more delayed in 2 areas, OR 30% or more delayed in 1 area.  Carrington was a super-star in everything except expressive language- basically her verbal skills.  I was super impressed when Carrington was even able to pick up a shoe lace and lace little beads to make a necklace- who would have thought? :) But, in the verbal portion, she scored a delay of about 29%- basically, she is speaking at a 21 month old level, but she is 30 months old.  The screening was incredibly insightful for me, since it really pointed out things that I hadn't even realized- for example, Carrington didn't have a word for 'cup' or 'bed'.  I guess I'd missed those little things, but now I know what to ask and look for.  Her first "real" speech therapy session was last week, and I know it sounds crazy, but I've already noticed such a huge difference.  The good news is that they expect Carrington to catch up quickly, and she probably won't need any speech therapy by the time she is 3.  Plus, Cabarrus is being unbelievably accommodating and scheduling her sessions while she is at Jean's house on Thursdays, so Carrington doesn't have to miss any preschool.  Jean is wonderful to let them come to her home and work with Carrington there- and I am so blessed to have so many people willing to help us! It definitely makes life easier!  

Trey, on the other hand, was a little different, since he is over the age of 3.  This means that he had to be screened through the Cabarrus County School System.  We spent a Friday morning out at their facility, where he did awesome.  Most of this was done without me in the room, but when the testing was completed, the advisor came out and told me I had nothing to worry about- she could understand Trey perfectly, and she was especially impressed with his handwriting (between you and me, his handwriting needs a LOT of improvement, but I'll take the compliment anyways!).  She had asked Trey to tell her a story about his day (they do this to see if the words children are using are enunciated properly, and if their thought process is cohesive). Trey told her all about his pets, and this is the story she repeated to me, that Trey told her:  "He has a dog Molly, and that Molly sometimes gets hot, but she is NOT a hotdog, like the kind we eat.  He also told her that he has two cats- Cesar and Boris.  Cesar is a mean cat and sometimes when he's being nice, he actually wants to be mean and he will bite you, but Boris is a very nice kitty cat and never bites, but likes to be outside." I love it! His entire story was truthful, and it always cracks me up to hear what goes on in his little mind.  I was a little concerned that the screening at his preschool had a different result, but she said that at this age, kids could just be having a bad day, and not to worry about it at all- Trey is doing great! She did notice that he was squinting during the vision exam, so we'll keep an eye on that- maybe he'll need glasses in the future!

Carrington is doing awesome going potty- which she loves doing.  Don't get me wrong, she has no problem going poo-poo or pee-pee on the potty, but she also has no problem doing this in a pull-up :).  Basically, the chick just likes to "go". Carrington is also LOVING Cinderella- she loves the movie, the books, coloring pages, her underwear with Cinderella on them, anything Cinderella related is a hit in our house! 

Trey is still 110% all about firetrucks.  I love that he just picks a "thing" and does everything he can to learn all about it.  He watches Chicago Fire at Jean's house and his favorite thing to watch (besides Fireman Sam) at home is this weird documentary on Fire Trucks- it's not animated or anything, but he loves to learn the history. 

Trey has also been begging to take the training wheels off of his bike, so 2 weekends ago, he went outside and took 1 of them off himself.  He was just riding around with 1 training wheel on and 1 off, trying to learn his balance.  We have been taking both of them off for a little bit each weekend, and he almost has the hang of it! It's tough to do when all the other kids are riding their bikes around him going really fast, so he gets discouraged and wants to put them back on, but whenever he's alone, he always wants them off. 

Carrington is still hanging out in her crib- can you believe that she hasn't tried to climb out even once??? How in the WORLD did we get so lucky? I'm keeping her in that crib until she doesn't fit in there anymore! Here's to hoping she doesn't decide to escape on her own! Carrington is sassy, independent, bossy, and smart, but she is also super easy going in other areas- like the fact that she still sleeps a solid 12 hours every night, and NEVER cries for us to come get her in the morning.  She just plays in her room till we go and get her.  She also consistently takes a 2 hour nap every day.  She eats everything, and isn't afraid to try anything new.  The girl loves dipping, and isn't picky about the dip- it can be ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, Ranch dressing (her favorite), applesauce, soy sauce- anything with a 'dip' consistency is good for her! :) The only thing I have ever seen her truly not like is Lobster, but she tried it twice and then said "Ewww", so I won't force it.

Trey, on the other hand, has completely given up his naps.  I sure do miss those nap times, but I know he's getting older, and it was bound to happen eventually. :) He is our little "night owl".  He stays up late and wakes  up early- I guess he just doesn't require too much sleep.  He also wakes up almost every night to use the bathroom, but then goes right back to bed, so I guess he just sticks to a routine!

I think that sums up the lives of Trey and Carrington, at least for now.  They love each other like crazy, and play great with one another... at least until they start screaming and crying, and then it's a different story!

Summer is just around the corner!

The great thing about North Carolina is that we get a jumpstart on warm weather a little bit earlier than others. :) On April 7th, we had a bunch of the neighborhood kids playing all afternoon in the backyard, in their swimsuits, having water fights and just enjoying the gorgeous weather! I still couldn't believe that they were in their SWIMSUITS! We even borrowed our neighbor's kiddie pool and did a home-made water slide. :)

One of Doug's most favorite things to do is fish, so we couldn't pass up another weekend without fishing at Latta Plantation AND Jetton Park.  Fishing with a 2 year old and a 4 year old is an interesting thing... Trey is SO excited about going fishing, but his patience lasts all of about 30 seconds before he starts wondering when we'll actually catch a fish :).  We managed to fish 2 days in a row, for several hours, and caught... wait for it.... NOTHING!!! But, it was still fun, and I'm sure we'll go again many, many more times before the end of the summer.

I also took a few minutes the other evening to snap some pictures of the kids with our kitty cat, Boris.  Boris is almost 17 years old, and an AWESOME cat! He is such a trooper when it comes to Trey carrying him around, petting him, feeding him,... I have honestly never seen a cat able to tolerate toddlers they way he does. :) If only our other cat, Cesar, were that understanding!


A few weeks ago, we were so lucky to have Grandma come and stay with us during Spring Break.  The kids had a super fun week filled with playing outside, doing crafts, getting spoiled, and celebrating birthdays! Allie's 3rd birthday was at Little Gym, where all the kids got to practice their gymnastics skills.  I would absolutely say that everyone had an awesome time!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter and Our 1st Attempt at Dying Eggs!

This year, Trey asked if we could dye eggs... I knew this day would eventually come, and he must have heard his friends at school talking about doing this, so I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  Up until this moment, I had avoided this like the plague- it is a messy, complicated process, and to be honest with you, I didn't even know how to hard boil eggs.  So, I googled how to hard boil an egg and got a dozen eggs ready. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to put the hard boiled eggs back in the refrigerator, so the next day after we had dyed them, we were unable to eat them, since they had been sitting on the counter for the last 24 hours... oh well, now I know! :) I then had the confusing issue of how to allow the kids freedom to dye their eggs, without ruining their clothes, the furniture, the tile, the carpet,... My only option (at least in my head) was to lay brown paper down on every visible surface, and then to dress the children in the largest plastic bags I could find and spend the remaining time at the side ensuring no huge spill would take place.  I have to admit, the pictures aren't great, but the kids had fun and nothing got ruined! And, I honestly had a good time with them!

Easter Sunday we went to brunch with the Douglas family, like we do every year- I love tradition!  This year, I completely forgot my camera, so we didn't get a family picture until we got home that afternoon.  We switched it up and made reservations for brunch at Alton's Kitchen, instead of our "usual" Red Rocks, and it was awesome!!! The food was fantastic, and it was a little bit cheaper! Yay!!!

Easter Weekend with the Grandparents!

I had my wisdom teeth taken out the weekend before Easter, so my mom, dad, Grammy, and Papa all came down to "help" with the kids while I was recovering.  First- I should mention that having my wisdom teeth removed was awful! I have never been in so much pain and experienced so much bruising and nausea in my life! But, despite feeling like I was on the verge of dying, Trey and Carrington were having a blast with their Big Daddy, Nanijay, Grammy and Papa.  On one of these afternoons, I had come home early from work because I couldn't stop throwing up (this was a side effect of some of the medication), and had headed straight to bed to sleep it off.  I had just woken up, and I could hear the kids downstairs laughing and playing, so I decided to seize the moment and grab my camera to take a few pictures, and I am SO glad that I did! I am 100% certain that these brief moments will be something that I will forever treasure.

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

The weekend of St. Patrick's Day was a lot of fun! We spent all day Saturday going to birthday parties and spending time at the park in between (we didn't have enough time to make it home between parties, so we found a park to play at in the mean time).  And on St. Patrick's Day morning, Trey and his school class sang for the church during their service, and it was adorable.  Of course, Trey didn't actually do too much singing, but he stood there looking handsome, and that's good enough for me!